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The processing of tantalite-columbite ore is complex due to its low content and sophisticated composition. Usually, the enrichment flow sheet of tantalite-columbite covers rough concentration and fine selection. And for different tantalite-columbite mines, the specific flow sheet can be different.

For alluvial tantalite-columbite, the minerals are basically liberated from the gangue with the useful mineral density over 4g/cm3 and sometimes the minerals are magnetic. Gravity separation is mainly used as rough separation while combination of magnetic separation-gravity serration and magnetic separation-electric separation and floatation separation is adopted for the fine selection of rough concentrate from gravity separation.

Ta2O5   35 to 45%
Nb2O3   4% to 6%

Fe2O3    8% to 12%

SnO2       1 to 2%

Th          70  to  80 ppm

U         700  to 900 ppm


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